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How to import charge sheets?
How to import charge sheets?
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Shipthis Tariff & Rate management software allows you to import your freight rate sheets which can then be used to create freight quotes.

To import Freight Rate Sheet:

  • In the Tariff & Rate tab, click Freight Rate Manager -> Sea FCL Charge/Sea LCL Charge/Air Charges.

  • Click on the Menu button on the top right, and then Import CSV.

  • Click on Choose File to select a rate sheet from your documents.

  • After selecting your file, click on Next.

  • Map your fields from the rate sheet to import in the system and click on Process.

  • After validating your final rate sheet, click on Import.

Similarly, Sea FCL Local or Port Charges, Sea LCL Local or Port Charges, AirPort or Local Charges, and cartage charges can also be added.

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